Estate Cleaning

Prices from £12.50/h

Our cleaners have been providing estate services for a few years and are very proud to be working with a large number of property management companies and private landlords.


Drawing from our experience we are aware that every client has different needs and expectations for their communal areas, and with this, in mind, we tailor our specifications to meet your specific requirements.


Our estate cleaning teams are expected to look after the internal and external communal areas of the estate and their daily cleaning tasks at the estate consider of: 

  • Entrance doors, lifts and floors inspected, waste removed and cleaned

  • Bin chutes checked and cleared

  • Debris and waste removed from bin chambers

  • Walkways, footpaths are kept free of litter and debris

  • All grass areas kept free of litter

  • Any bags of waste found in internal areas are removed

  • Any items found that are a fire or health risk are reported to the relevant department

We have other services in place we can provide residential estates: 

Kettle Descaling

Window Cleaning


Floor Maintenance

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